Treatment Services

Individual Therapy

We provide evidence-based therapy techniques to help promote functioning and well-being across multiple settings.

Group Therapy

One Neuro offers several groups for individuals who have certain unique needs.

Family Support

For parents and siblings who are coping with supporting an individual with particular needs, we provide educational, supportive, and therapeutic services.

Cognitive Remediation

Cognitive remediation aims to improve cognitive impairments that are making it difficult for a person to achieve their functional goals.

What Our Evaluations Entail

Comprehensive Interview

Because of the complex and thorough nature of our evaluations, we like to initially meet with adult clients or a client’s parent(s) or legal guardians to review the developmental history and provide a focus for the assessment. During this meeting, we seek to identify presenting concerns and determine which evaluation will best meet your needs.

Quantitative and Qualitative Testing

Our assessment batteries are comprised of selected measures that are determined based on your presenting concerns and our ongoing impressions. Our evaluations are flexible and the clinician may add certain measures to the battery as they determine your unique strengths and weaknesses. Our assessment batteries vary in length and typically involve 1-3 testing sessions that may last 2 to 4 hours each.

Feedback and Written Report

After the evaluation is complete, we will meet with you to review the results of the assessment in detail. We will also discuss treatment recommendations with you and provide appropriate referrals as needed.

You are welcome to invite other treatment providers or family members to the feedback session. After this meeting, a full report is written, detailing the reason for the testing, the child’s history, the tests used, their results, the diagnostic impression (if appropriate) and finally, the recommendations for interventions.

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